Appearance Guide

Appearance and Attire Guidelines for Restaurants

Why Team Member Attire & Appearance

The goal of the Appearance and Attire Guidelines is to help maintain a spirit of hospitality, professionalism and a food-safe culture within Chick-fil-A® Restaurants, while ensuring the comfort of Chick-fil-A Restaurant Team Members. As representatives of the Chick-fil-A brand, Team Members should maintain good personal hygiene and present a professional appearance while at work in accordance with the Appearance guidelines in place at their local Restaurant. These Appearance and Attire Guidelines apply at all Chick-fil-A brand Restaurants and related concepts, including Chick-fil-A Restaurant businesses operated by independent franchised Operators, Company-Operated Restaurants, STC Brands Restaurant concepts and Licensed Restaurants. 

As independent franchisees, Operators have discretion to make final appearance-related decisions (including whether to permit or continue to prohibit facial hair, as outlined in the new standards made available on January 1, 2021) based on what they think is best for their business.

Team members working at Chick-fil-A, Inc.-Operated Restaurants, STC Brands concepts, and Licensed Restaurants should also refer to the individual appearance and attire guidelines adopted at their local Restaurant for additional guidance.

Guest Impressions

Chick-fil-A has high standards concerning uniforms and personal appearance, as this is an important element of providing outstanding service to and instilling confidence in Guests.

All uniform items must be from the Chick-fil-A TeamStyle™ collection and be clean, pressed and in good condition.

Food Safety

Many of the appearance requirements are based on applicable Food Code and local health department regulations. Anything that could come in contact with food during the preparation and serving process could potentially create a hazard or risk situation for our Guests.

By meeting these requirements, Team Members treat our Guests with honor, dignity and respect. For more information, please review the 
Grooming and Food Safety procedure

  • It is important to follow both Chick-fil-A food safety requirements and local health department regulations. If there is a discrepancy between the two, always follow the more stringent requirement.
  • To help ensure a food-safe culture and to present a consistent brand image to Chick-fil-A Guests, there are minimum requirements that apply at all Chick-fil-A Restaurants.

Brand Consistency

A professional uniform and overall appearance will communicate to Guests that Chick-fil-A cares about customer service, quality and cleanliness.

Team Members represent the Chick-fil-A brand to the public and play a critical role in delivering on the Chick-fil-A brand promise. A professional appearance in an attractive uniform makes a statement about who we are as a brand. It also ensures that Team Members across the chain have a consistent look, which helps build the brand and allows our Guests to easily identify Team Members.

Reasonable Accommodation Statement

Each local Restaurant is responsible for adopting and enforcing the Appearance and Attire Guidelines in a manner that complies with applicable federal, state and local law.  If a Team Member believes that a reasonable accommodation related to his or her religion, ethnicity, disability and/or other legally protected characteristic is necessary, the Team Member should notify his or her Operator, Executive General Manager, Interim Manager or other designated Restaurant leader, as applicable and in accordance with any reasonable accommodation policy in place at the local Restaurant where the Team Member is employed.



All: Sleeve of undershirt must not extend below sleeve of uniform shirt. TeamStyle™ offers a black, long-sleeved performance T-shirt that can be worn instead of undershirt. TeamStyle™ also offers performance sleeves.

Male style: Solid white or black undershirts (no printing or graphics) should be worn under all shirts and chef coats.

Female style: Undergarments should be a solid, neutral color (no bright colors, patterns, graphics or textured materials, so as not to show through uniform shirt or blouse). Solid white or black undershirt, camisole or tank top should be worn under chef coats but are otherwise optional. Bottom of undershirt, camisole or tank top must not extend below uniform shirt.


All: Polo shirts should have at least 2 buttons fastened. On other shirts, all buttons except top button should be fastened. Approved TeamStyle vests and sweaters are also available to wear over button-front shirts.

Male style: shirts (except chef coats) must be tucked in.

Female style: polo shirts must be tucked in. At Operator's discretion, other female shirts may be untucked. Maternity tops are never tucked in.


Chick-fil-A brand nametag must be worn at all times. Other miscellaneous pins, buttons, stickers and/or ribbons may not be worn on the uniform or affixed to the nametag.

Nametag must be on outermost garment, on Team Member’s right chest. Nametag should be positioned using name tag eyelets when present. If wearing an apron that is not considered part of the uniform (for example, raw chicken apron or dishwashing apron), nametag should not be placed on apron.

Nametag contents: Team Member’s first name must appear on first line. At Operator’s discretion, last names, title and/or years of service may also be used.


Neckwear and Accessories

Chick-fil-A Ties: At Operator's discretion, Chick-fil-A brand neckties may be worn with men's long-sleeved shirts.

  • Ties must be properly knotted and securely fastened and should fall to the midpoint of the belt buckle.
  • Ties must not be worn with short-sleeved, button-front shirts, or with women's shirts.

Scarves: Chick-fil-A scarves may be worn with all women's ¾-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts.

Caps/Visors: Chick-fil-A TeamStyle caps/visors may be worn at Operator’s discretion or in order to comply with local Health Department requirements.

  • Caps/visors must be clean and have no visible stains or discoloration.
  • Caps/visors should be worn with the bill facing directly forward and above the eyebrows so that eyes are clearly visible under brim of cap.

Pants, Skirts and Belts


  • Pants must fit properly. They should not be too tight or too baggy.
  • Pants must be hemmed to fall at midpoint of heel. Cuffed pants are not acceptable.


  • TeamStyle skirts should be no shorter than mid-knee.


  • Black TeamStyle belts must be trimmed so that end does not hang below belt line.


Team Members must wear black, navy or gray socks (to complement pants), TeamStyle socks, black hose or flesh-toned hose.

Shoes must be constructed of leather or non-cloth, man-made uppers with slip-resistant rubber soles (for example, Shoes for Crews™) with closed heels and toes.

Shoes should be solid black (or colored Shoes for Crews from the approved Chick-fil-A collection).

Shoes must fit properly with laces tied, unless limited by medical conditions requiring corrective orthopedic devices (due to broken bones, surgeries, etc.).


Role-Specific Uniforms

Dining Room Host/Hostess Uniforms

For Team Members serving as the Dining Room Host or Hostess, a specific look has been defined and includes the Chick-fil-A uniform with charcoal full apron, half apron or Table Turner apron.

Back-of-House Chef Coats/Hats (optional)

Worn untucked with undershirt beneath. All buttons buttoned or with top button unbuttoned. Embroidered name (optional) on right chest panel in place of nametag. Worn with matching chef hats or TeamStyle caps/visors.

Drive-Thru and Curbside Delivery Uniform (required)

Yellow Hi-Vis, reflective safety wear with 360-degree coverage (for example, Drive-Thru Safety Strap) must be worn by all Team Members working outside the Restaurant in the Drive-Thru lane or in the parking lot for Curbside Delivery.

If permitted at your Restaurant, attire may also include:

  • Wide-brimmed Drive-Thru hat.
  • Half-length charcoal apron with pockets for menus, iPad, etc.
  • Shorts

Shorts and Athletic Shoes (optional for outdoors)

  • Shorts must be from TeamStyle collection; worn with black TeamStyle belt and the following shoes and socks:
  • Black slip-resistant shoes (for example, Shoes for Crews) with solid black, navy, gray or TeamStyle socks
  • Team Members must change back into their standard uniform pants or skirt when assuming non-Drive-Thru duties inside the Restaurant
  • Slip-resistant shoes must be worn at all times when working inside the Restaurant

If a Team Member's scheduled hours will be worked only in the Drive-Thru cockpit and/or outside Drive-Thru lane, they may report to work in shorts

Special Events (single-day, limited-time events)

Team Members whose roles do not require food and beverage handling (that is, Dining Room Hosts/Hostesses) can wear theme-appropriate attire meeting requirements below:

  • All shirts, tops and dresses must have sleeves and keep with TeamStyle uniform requirements (that is, no shirts unbuttoned to mid-chest; no plunging necklines)
  • All skirts and dresses are knee-length.
  • Wear slip-resistant shoes (such as Shoes for Crews), nametag on outermost garment and meet all grooming requirements.
  • For outside events, TeamStyle shorts are allowed.
  • Do not wear items with jewels, fur, feathers and other features that could fall into food; face paint; sweatpants or items containing trademarks or brand assets other than those belonging to Chick-fil-A.


  • Dress from the waist up in appropriate, clean cow-spotted apparel such as tucked-in shirts, Chick-fil-A Cow ties, cow vests and cow hats. Dress from the waist down in TeamStyle uniform.
  • Use resources and local Campaign Options provided to Guests, such as downloadable cow spots, cow headbands and cow signboards.
  • Udders, tails and items that could fall into Guests’ food should NOT be part of a Team Member’s Cow Appreciation Day attire.

Grooming and Appearance

Jewelry and General Appearance

Jewelry (including medical alert jewelry) must be modest in size to help prevent the cross-contamination of food.

Jewelry worn in guest service areas 
must not be distracting to Guests (for example, it should be small in size, no neon colors, no attached decoration).

Jewelry in pierced body parts visible to Guests (other than earlobes and nose) is unacceptable.

Necklace: tucked inside clothing for safety.

Earrings: limited to no more than 2 plain stud earrings per ear, worn only in the earlobe. No attached decoration or gemstones and no dangling or hoop earrings.

Nose ring-Nose piercings are acceptable only on one side, solid stud only, no jewels or hoops allowed.  Septum piercings are not allowed.

Rings: limited to a plain band without gemstones (such as a wedding band). When worn in food prep areas, must be worn with gloved hands to avoid food contamination or catching on equipment.

Makeup, perfume and cologne must be subdued and worn in good taste so as not to be distracting to Guests.

Body modifications visible to Guests are not acceptable (for example, extended earlobes, ear gauges/plugs or any piercings other than traditional piercings).

Dental modifications must not be visible (for example, decorative dental grills, dental tattoos); orthodontic braces and bands must be in neutral colors.

Wristwatches and/or Medical Alert Bracelets

Only wristwatches/medical alert bracelets that are 1) conservative in size and appearance and 2) free from attached decoration or gemstones may be worn in the Restaurant. They must not be worn in food prep areas (medical alert bracelet may be kept in pocket).

Personal Hygiene

Team Members are expected to present a professional appearance (neat and well-groomed) with good hygiene (for example, clean and with appropriate application of body deodorant).


Hair must comply with local Health Department requirements. Hair must be clean and hairstyles must be neat and professional in appearance.

  • Regardless of location working at the restaurant, inside or outside, effective hair restraints (for example, hair accessories, hats, visors, hair nets, Chick-fil-A chef hats) must be worn to hold back any loose hair that could potentially fall into food.
  • Hair that falls around face must be completely tied back and restrained using a hair accessory that has no jeweled or beaded parts that could come loose.  Hair that is below shoulder length should be tied back to remain behind your shoulders.  Loose hair strands are not acceptable.
  • Natural hair coloring is acceptable. Unnatural colors (for example, pink or blue) and eccentric styles (for example, Mohawks or shaven words, symbols, logos, etc.) are unacceptable.

False eyelashes or extensions are unacceptable.
Sideburns: trimmed to no longer than bottom of earlobe and must be a consistent width, from top to bottom.

Facial Hair

The following facial hair styles are acceptable:

  • Short neatly groomed mustaches.
  • Short, neatly groomed goatees with well-defined lines.
  • Short neatly groomed beards with defined cheek and necklines.
  • Short is defined as hair up to 1/2" in length (#4 standard trimmer guard)
  • Neatly trimmed means there is a define line where hair ends. For example, with a beard, hair should end generally where the jawline meets the neck, above the Adam's apple. “Neck scruff” is unacceptable.

Unacceptable facial hair styles include:

No undefined lines, shavings, carvings, designs or extreme styles (no chinstraps, chops, handlebar, etc.)


Team Members should not work with unclean lines or patchy, inconsistent hair growth.

While a Team Member is growing facial hair, the acceptable facial hair guidelines still must be followed.


Fingernails must comply with applicable Food Code and local health department requirements.

  • Fingernails must not extend beyond fingertips when viewed from the open palm.
  • False fingernails, acrylic extensions and the like are not allowed in Restaurant.
  • Fingernail gems must not be worn.
  • Fingernail polish must not be worn in food prep areas; it is only acceptable in guest service.  Nail polish colors should be muted and solid and generally not be a distraction to guests or other team members, (i.e hot pink, bright red, multicolored are not allowed)


If visible tattoos are permitted at your Restaurant, the following standards must be met:

  • Tattoos must not be visible on face or neck.
  • Visible tattoos must not contain profanity or be racially offensive, sexually explicit, violent, vulgar or otherwise offensive to other Team Members and Guests.
  • Tattoos that do not meet requirements above can be covered by approved TeamStyle uniform items (for example, long-sleeved polo or performance sleeve) and/or with waterproof makeup.