Point and Accountability System

Chick-fil-A Enos Ranch
Accountability Point System (APS)

The purpose behind introducing a point system in our restaurant is to hold ourselves and our team accountable, while also rewarding positive behavior.  It will be accounted for every 90 days and then start over at the beginning of the next quarter. (For example: Jan-March, April-June, etc.)  Everyone will start with 0 points.  Below are the consequences, infractions and incentive to maintain a 0 point record for 90 days.

We ask that the leaders in our restaurant will hold themselves and the team accountable and fill out the Google Form for any accountability notices given.

If a team member accrues

10 points: Loss of meal benefit for 1 week

20 Points: 1 week suspension

25 Points or more: Employment Review between Joey and Directors

Out of uniform (missing nametag, non shaven,

excessive fingernails, hair not pulled back): 1 Point

Late to shift (1-5min): 1 Points

Late to shift 6-15 but called in advance: 2 points

 Late to your shift from 6 to 15 minutes: 3 Points

Late to your 16-30 minutes (must call): 4 Points

Late to your shift more than 30 minutes (must call): 5 Points

Call out following policy: 1 point

Call out, without following policy: 8 Points

No call, No Show: 20 Points

Coming back from break late (3-5 min): 1 Point

Coming back from break late (6-10 min): 2 Points

Coming back from break late (11-15 min): 3 Points

Coming back from break late (16 min or later): 5 Points

Forgot to clock in/out on POS: 2 Points

Using phone on the floor: 3 Points

Not following procedure or protocol: points are determined upon severity of the action and up to the discretion of the director etc.